Spirit of Spring - Watercolor - Johnny Perez - Fantasy Art
Spirit of Spring - Watercolor - 12 in. x 15 in.

Welcome to the Art of Johnny Perez where you can find colorful works of art.  Since my childhood I have been inspired by the bright colors of animation and comics. Through the stories I found there I gained a curiosity for the world outside my rural Texas home.  I'm interested in a world that is both culturally diverse and full of mystery and surrealism.  The subtle magic of the watercolor medium veils my subjects.   I take what beautiful pieces of the world I find, and collect them within the strokes of my brush and lines of my pen.

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To learn more about me check out my About Page where you can read about where I'm from and also interviews I've done!  Keep up with my art and process through my blog and my newsletter linked below!

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My blog covers my art process, with video demos, and tutorials on drawing and painting with watercolor.  You can find articles I've written on the joys and perils of art-making, and anything related to my inspiration in the studio!  To see the latest blog posts, click the banner below.


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8.29.17 - I'm working on a print site to put some of my fantasy faces up as fine art prints or on merchandise. I'll post the link in my store when its up, let you know on social media and my blog. :-)

8.24.17 - I did some really cool small portraits during this challenge.  I got 4 characters from Harry Potter, 4 characters from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, and right now I'm sharing 4 from Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal!  I'll post links to them on my blog here.

7.13.17 - I've got a (mostly) daily event going on with 31 Days of Watercolor!  I'm posting the (mostly) time lapse videos on my YouTube channel here.  I'm doing my own theme of fantasy faces, you can see some progress photos and check the playlist of videos on my blog as well. 

5.24.17 - I'm starting a vlog series, and I'll be posting videos on my blog and social media.  My hope to inspire other creatives to express themselves, and offer what tips I have and products I find to live more creatively. 

2.8.17 - I have a new BLOG home here, I am unable to continue posting to the one I've used here sadly.  But it will always be here, you will need to hover over "Blog" in menu to see the option and click "Archive."  You can also click "Blog Home" within each post.  Clicking on the menu item "Blog" will now take you to my new blog.