Buddha Board

Photo of packaging for Buddha Board Mini tablet and brush set.
The Buddha Board Mini
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got the Buddha Board Mini in hopes of getting some practice in with my ink brushing skills.  I have to say its the coolest thing since the Etch-A-Sketch.   And its for adults!  Not only is it a perfect practice for mark making, its also a zen tool.  Much like the tabletop zen garden,  with sand, rocks, and a rake, this is also designed to enhance calm, and practice "the art of letting go."  Creating and watching each mark fade is very meditative, and each time you become closer to becoming a monk. Just kidding.  If you find meditation hard, maybe you can give this a go.  The video below will quickly show you some of the things that came and went as I draw across the magic surface.

I had so much fun with this that I had to record a video for you to see it in action.  Part of the reason,  also has to do with not quite mastering the "letting go" aspect.   To be honest, in our time, that can be difficult, especially when you take in consideration the beautiful effects you get as the water transforms into a black ink on the surface and slowly disappaers.   And water is all you need!   The Buddha Board is made of a special material that reacts to water by staining the surface with a black ink-like color.   Almost immediately the marks begins to disappear,  leaving the board once again with a blank slate, in a matter of seconds.  This essentially allows you to keep drawing at an almost constant pace!


The beauty and/or downside is that no matter how good or bad, your drawing will fade into non-existence.  While this may be hard to cope with initially, I saw this as a great reason to take video of my doodles and essentially create a kind of animation.

How are you practicing the art of letting go in your life and/or studio?  All art is essentially letting go of thoughts and feelings through the medium.  Could you carry a lighter weight?

Share with your yoga class, co-workers, Buddhist friends!

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