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This book is an invaluable resource to the budding artist.   It starts with the artist's mind.  It doesn't teach you techniques, and it doesn't promise you success, but it does open up mental blocks that artists get from frustration and insecurity.  This book is about making ordinary art, and dispelling the fears that come with not being good enough or talented enough.

I read this book a  few years ago, and afterwards, have kept it near me in my studio at all times.  Its easy to lose your way in the studio, while doing research, or scoping out the competition.  Many artists feel disheartened and "far behind" their contemporaries. 

“Vision, Uncertainty, and Knowledge of Materials are inevitabilities that all artists must acknowledge and learn from: vision is always ahead of execution, knowledge of materials is your contact with reality, and uncertainty is a virtue.”
David Bayles, Art and Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

Resource No. 2

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.   The path to higher creativity as written here leads artists to a higher form of self-esteem, a higher sense of purpose, and a better lead on productivity.   When I read this book, I was amazed to find all of the blocks that I'd placed on myself without even realizing.   I found so many misguided notions that inhibited me, and kept me from doing my best work, or even doing any work at all!

Julia Cameron, bestselling author, outlines two of the most important tools, Morning Pages and the Artist's Date.  The former is a written exercise meant to drain your psyche of noise, leaving you void of distraction, and free to think creatively.  The Artist's Date, much like an actual date, is a regular appointment  alone with yourself wherein you treat your "inner artist" to whatever strikes their fancy!  Stickers, glitter, and the stuff of childhood fantasy is a means to awaken the creativity that once flowed freely in all of us as children.   This is also a great time to go see an inspiring movie, visit a magical spot in our outside the city,  or see a new exhibit at the museum.

“Serious art is born from serious play.”


“But do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano / act / paint / write a decent play?"
Yes . . . the same age you will be if you don't.”


There's a wealth of information available in both these books that has made them mainstays of my bookshelf.  I refer to them constantly, because they are akin to mantras for me.  I promise you will find use for them in your creative life.

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