Illustrating Bunny & The Alligators


Bunny & The Alligators is inspired by Bunny Meyer also known as @grav3yardgirl on YouTube.  She's been a great person to watch on the popular video site, and has made me laugh and wonder many times.   Because of this, I wanted to send a thank you to her and show my appreciation for what she does.  People don't realize how much work goes into becoming popular on YouTube and giving so much of yourself to an audience that can be unforgiving.  Her fans have proclaimed her the Swamp Queen, and becoming part of her clan will promise an alligator its wings!


Bunny has always been inclusive on her channel and has always spoken up for those of us that are different.  She promotes being yourself and being proud.  However her most prominent feature is her personality and is what initially brought me and friends to her channel.  She is an unabashed goofball, and won't hesitate to find someway to put a smile on your face.  Speaking crazy fast, and gesturing wildly she makes quite a fun spectacle of herself that I couldn't appreciate more.  Not to mention, her video series "Does This Thing Really Work?!" is crazy helpful in product testing.  From appliances, to beauty, to toys, she tries it all!

Capturing personality

Of course it was important from the start to capture the lively attitude  of Bunny.  To do this, I had to find her frequent expressions, and choose the best one.  After that, I knew I was going to give her her long wind-blown hair, which is often a topic of discussion on her vlog.  Her trademark necklace and fashion sense were also key, but also had to align with the color scheme of the overall work.  It wasn't an easy task, but after playing with some colors I found a good palette. 


I knew alligators were a crucial element to my composition and decided that walking 3 of them in the park would be the best option for balance and interest.  How cool is it to have alligators as pets?!  No girl should be without them!  Imagine finding this sight on the streets of Texas, no one is gonna be messing with you, guaranteed!

Fly my pretties!

So here's the video of my progress, please take a look!  Feel free to mute if the music is too much, sometimes I think I'm a DJ.  I hope you enjoy it!

Update: She loved it!


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