Who is Johnny Perez the Artist?

Who is the man behind the art?  What are his aspirations in life?  Where does he find inspiration?  All these questions and more are answered for you today, so that you no longer have to lose sleep, so that you can rest easy, finally.  


I'm a goofball at heart.  I haven't lost touch with my inner child, or many of the things he loves.  I won't tell you my favorite movie as a kid is Serendipity the Pink Dinosaur...anymore.   I won't tell you that I fell asleep under a movie poster of Edward Scissorhands...uhh...anymore.  I can tell you that I still geek out over  X-Men/Thor/Marvel/Comic movies because they were a big part of me growing up.  Many of my influences come from comics, and my subscription to Wizard: The Comics Magazine.  I also love fantasy movies.  I jumped when Fizgig jumped out of the hole in The Dark Crsytal, and sometimes still do.  I cried when the unicorn almost died in Legend.  And I have a weird obsession with masquerade balls, piles of junk, and shiny things because of Labyrinth.


I have hundreds of artists I watch for inspiration and motivation.  I love getting people around me excited about the arts, and making them, because everyone should!  I grew up in a small town in Texas, and I moved to the big city of Dallas, because city lights still hypnotize me.  I could go on but luckily I can save some time by just telling you in my own voice.  Check out this interview I did for my good friend and fellow artist, Taylor Bryant aka Tay Tay Pierre for Ripple I.Y.T.  on SOUNDCLOUD.

the interview

music I make art to

And if that's not enough for you...I mean all 77 minutes of it, then I have some playlists for your listening pleasure as well!  I put together this list of some of my favorite artists, its called "Music I Make Art To."   It's like you're right in the studio with me as I create! 

videos that inspire me

And in a separate but related list, here I collect videos that inspire me in some way.  Mostly colors, and cool visuals.  I'm not necessarily watching these videos for music, but for visual food.  In my post Best Artist Resources, I tell you about The Artist's Way which is akin to an artist's bible.  In it, Cameron states that the mind is a well of images that an artist recalls and uses in their work.  At times the well becomes stale and needs refreshing and refilling.  This is where inspiration comes from artists around me, music, visual, and literary.   This list grows and shrinks as I become inspired by new things, so check it out and see what inspires you!

these are a few of my favorite things

No whiskers on kittens and pink satin sashes here...anymore.  These are just some of the things I turn to for inspiration, comfort, and nostalgia.  Maybe you can see their influence? 

This was a fun post to put together for you, so my next post will be about my favorite art tools.  If you want to know how I do certain techniques then more than likely you want to know what tool I'm using.   Go make some art today!   Also I'm getting more sold on the idea of a coloring book for my subscribers, if you don't want to miss out on it, then please sign up on the sidebar to the right, or the banner below!  Thanks so much!

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Diversity is Mandatory in the New Millennium by Johnny Perez
Diversity is Mandatory...
Dallas Comic Con and Me
Dallas Comic Con & Me
Soul Siren Erykah Badu Illustration by JohnnyPerezArt.com
Illustrating Soul Siren Erykah Badu

About the Artist

 I would call myself a Jack of all Trades, but mostly because I'm interested in many areas of art if not all!  I graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from the University of North Texas with a focus on Watercolor.   I always had dreams of creative writing, and in 5th grade I wasn't too bad!  Art clearly won out for my attention, but writing will always have a place in my heart!

What better way to write, I say,  than to share a blog, and practice my second love while talking about my first! With that said, I hope you all enjoy my ramblings and please hit me up with any questions.  :D  Contact me!

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