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Have you been putting off your creativity?  Have you always wanted to draw or paint, but thought that you're not "a real artist" so why bother?  Do you want to learn a tip or two and express the ideas you've been longing to get out of you?   This should be fun.  Art is for everyone.   Even small children know that they don't need a degree to color their world and express themselves.  Now you can find "adults only" classes where you can have fun while having a few drinks and making art!   I want to empower you to draw and paint like you've always wanted.   For fun as a hobbyist,  or if you're looking to sharpen some skills that have been long neglected, I think this series will help get the ball rolling.  I have simple demonstrations, and will later add more detailed tutorials if you happen to like it, and want to see more!  Welcome to  the Quick & Dirty Artist Series!  Video demos on the basics: eyes, lips, hands, and whatever else you might need, all in a quick format that encourages messiness.  In my opinion, getting messy encourages quick decisions that lead to happy accidents, expressiveness, and inventiveness.   This is your invitation to make art with me and be free.  So lets get to it.

art quick & dirty style

Before we get started, you may want to know what you'll need.  An artist's tools are often very personal and a matter of preference.  Do you like tight thin lines, do you like expressive lines?  Do you want to add lots of colors, or keep it monochromatic (one color)?   I'll be showing you how I do things and what I use, but feel free to experiment.  An artist's mark is like a signature and can take time to develop.  For now, have fun with it, and try everything!   Give yourself permission to let go and do something for yourself, for your soul.  Your inner artist will thank you.


  • Pencil
  • Micron Pen (sizes: 02, 05 pictured)
  • Pentel Aquabrush
  • Palette
  • Paints
  • Watercolor Paper (90lb or higher)

Note:  You can use traditional brush and water instead of the Aquabrush, and for the examples below I used plain copy paper!  For quick and dirty it was fine, but I wouldn't do it unless you're pretty experienced with soaking paper of different qualities.  I used this because it was laying around, and am familiar with its limitations, but I thought it would be a good idea to show that no matter where you are, especially at the office, you can still practice your craft!  Ball Point pens could also be used as well, but as I am working with water, I use Micron because it is waterproof and archival.


Check out this beginner's information graphic I put together! Want to Watercolor? This will give you some basic info regarding supplies like brushes, paint, and paper when you're ready to start!

Want to Watercolor? Infographic on getting started with watercolor, supplies, and tips!
Want to Watercolor?
Want to Watercolor?
Quick Beginner's Guide [to supplies]
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.6 MB

 Like I said, everything comes down to personal preference.  That is why you'll want to play with a few choices!   I recommend buying a small sketchbook, hardbound or spiral bound, and keeping it like a journal.  Its size will allow you to carry it anywhere, and treating it privately will give you the chance to play and experiment without the anxiety or fear of judgement.   You'll also notice that I'm using an Aquabrush only because it travels well, it carries the water inside its barrel instead of me having to have a glass or bowl to carry and then have to find water to fill up!  Its super convenient for out-of-the-studio work!  My palette is also travel size (folded it's 4"x8") , and I use it all the time because I've set it up with all my favorite colors and organized color sections.  I have 4 total palettes but the bigger ones are hard to carry around.

And now you see process photos above of what I'll be doing in the demos.  I've said it many times, if you're going for a subtle look, you may not want me to do your make-up!  I go for the bold colors, the drama, the fun!   Exercises such as these are perfect for that!  You'll also notice that I don't just use a "real" skin tone either.  There are no rules when playing with your materials.  I also believe that this method adds to the "veil of mystery" that I was taught in my college years.   The mundane is for the real world.   Art should be a celebration of your world, and break free of the real one often.

quick & dirty: the videos

in conclusion

So there you have it!  I hope you had fun watching and perhaps trying out what I've done for yourself.  These are not meant to be tutorials, with detailed and slow information, but rather your invitation to break free of the things holding you back.  Remember, there are no rules, and there is definitely no time limit!  Its never too late to start something you've always wanted to.  


In this post I used ideas from my favorite artist resources, which I wrote about here.  These books were integral to being motivated on a daily basis for me, and perhaps they can further motivate you!  I hope you enjoyed this, and please leave me a comment or contact me if you want to see more videos, or you'd like me to do some more detailed tutorials!  As always, you can have my posts delivered direct to your email, by signing up for my newsletter below.  You'll always know what I'm cooking up, and soon I'll be delivering exclusive gifts to my subscribers you may not want to miss out on!


Remember that the process of creating is often meditative, and freeing.  Don't neglect that voice that says you should try.   Don't be afraid. 

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