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Maybe you've seen me posting about my new project or maybe you've missed it, but I just wanted to give you guys a little info about what I'm offering my subscribers.   Its a Coloring Book! Its 12 pages!  It took lots of time and love to produce, and its all for you!   Its a .pdf file which is made for Adobe Acrobat and is about 7MB.  Some of the work I drew in ink and then digitized for crisp images to download.  Some of the work I made completely digital.  And some is a hybrid of both.  It makes for a good mix of lines and textures I think.  A few of the pieces are digital copies of works I've actually painted also!  So you can color them differently.  I love the collaboration aspect of this project.   I've had so many friends ask me to draw them things so that they could color them.  Its always fascinating for me to see what they come up with!   So if you like what I do and don't mind a few emails from me, then you should get my book for yourself!   This is 12 free artworks, I mean really!  I will post some of the works here for preview, but the rest are a surprise!   Tell your friends, send them my way, like, comment, and share, and help me get me and my work out there.  I plan on doing even more in the future, so if you subscribe you'll get it all! Check these out!

Some of the works

These are low resolution to give you a small preview.  The book is all high resolution files and will print clean and crisp on a full page each.  If you choose to print and color, or download and color digitally, I wanna see!  I can't express how happy I am to be able to give something to my fans.   PLEASE send me pics either by email or on social media.  If you want, I can even post some to my blog and show off our collaborations!  Use the hashtag #JPAColoringBook to see everyone's work too!


Thanks for being with me on this journey if you come to my page and see what I'm up to, if you sign up and read my thoughts and get my freebies,  or if you follow me on social media.  It all means a lot.   Enjoy this gift from my heart to yours, from my studio to your home, thank you!

some details

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Ad for the Art of Johnny Perez Coloring Book for Subcribers!
One of my marketing ads for The Art of JP Coloring Book

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Cosmonaut Painting Drawing Demo Link Blog by Johnny Perez
Cosmonaut Demo
Fantasy Mermaids of Color by JohnnyPerezArt.com
Illustrating Voluptuous Mermaids
Soul Siren Erykah Badu Illustration by JohnnyPerezArt.com
Illustrating Soul Siren Erykah Badu

About the Artist

 I would call myself a Jack of all Trades, but mostly because I'm interested in many areas of art if not all!  I graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from the University of North Texas with a focus on Watercolor.   I always had dreams of creative writing, and in 5th grade I wasn't too bad!  Art clearly won out for my attention, but writing will always have a place in my heart!

What better way to write, I say,  than to share a blog, and practice my second love while talking about my first! With that said, I hope you all enjoy my ramblings and please hit me up with any questions.  :D  Contact me!

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