Sketchbook Entry: Prince

I was recently commissioned to do a thumbnail (preliminary work) for a Prince painting!  I love Prince so this was a no-brainer!  Purple Rain is my absolute favorite, then maybe  Darling Nikki,  or When Doves Cry.  And of course no playlist should be without Kiss, Lets Go Crazy, and I Would Die 4 U.

That's just my opinion!


His artistry is an inspiration to me and the only man I'd ever refer to as a Diva with the utmost respect.  Check out the progress below, reference from Prince's 2nd studio album and the one that began his legend!


Drawn thumbnail for Prince by Johnny Perez
Prince sketchbook thumbnail by Johnny Perez

Whats your favorite Prince song?! Let me know in the comments and please share with me what Prince meant to you.

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