New Cosmonaut Work in Progress

Here's one of my latest works in progress!  This will be a new addition to my cosmonaut series, and a curvaceous cosmonaut jumping through a time traveling portal!  I think I'll call it "Cruising Through the Space/Time Continuum"  That may be kind of long, but until then its a working title!  Enjoy this short video and progress pics below!


I've been steady creating diversity in the world of space because I don't see enough of it.  I've been inspired by the Afrofuturism movement to portray more people of color in the sci-fi realm as well as the fantasy one.  This is going to be a colorful work that blends the aformentioned movement with elements of anime.  You could say its a blend of Steven Universe's Garnet, and Afro Samurai!  I'm a slight anime geek. And I'll never give up watching amazing cartoons!  Animation has been a big inspiration for me, but especially anime because it doesn't talk down to its audience, and so many stories are made of adults.  I believe some of it truly uses animation to advance itself as an art form.  But enough of that!  Check out the progress pics below and the preview video I posted at the end to promote the piece on YouTube.

I'm hoping to use more videos to document my process.  Its tough sometimes to get it all set up, but I think it would be interesting to show you my process from beginning to end in a time-lapse video, what do you think?  I think time-lapse is so cool, makes it all seems so easy, and quick.  I think that's how  artists see the process in our minds. 


"The artist's life is frustrating not because the passage is slow but because he imagines it to be fast." - Art & Fear, Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

One day artists will simply think an image and it will be imprinted into reality.  That would be incredible!  Not to mention game-changing.   Thinking about the technology is easy because we know it will catch up quickly.  We've already leaped ahead so far in such a short time.  Its sad to think of the issues that still face us as humans, and the technology of the human body hasn't advanced much beyond nutrition and medicine.   Our minds are capable of so much more.  It is my hope that the more images I create of diversity in my favorite genres like fantasy and sci-fi, the more unnecessary they become! 

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Preview of Time Travel Mixtape Pt. 2
Preview of Time Travel Mixtape Pt. 2
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 I would call myself a Jack of all Trades, but mostly because I'm interested in many areas of art if not all!  I graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from the University of North Texas with a focus on Watercolor.   I always had dreams of creative writing, and in 5th grade I wasn't too bad!  Art clearly won out for my attention, but writing will always have a place in my heart!

What better way to write, I say,  than to share a blog, and practice my second love while talking about my first! With that said, I hope you all enjoy my ramblings and please hit me up with any questions.  :D  Contact me!

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