New Cosmonaut Progress Video and Photos Pt. 2

Time Travel Mixtape - Afro Futurist concept art by Johnny Perez

She's a modern woman on the go!  This is an afro-futurist painting featuring a beautiful woman of the future with striking purple hair and reflective jumpsuit complete with gold accents.  She wears the latest retro  eye wear and headphones in gold.  She plays her favorite, the "Time Travel Mixtape" while she jumps through swirling portals of color.  Its just another Tuesday.  Its just another day space hopping.


 I'm so excited about this piece, it came out better than I expected!  Its very special to me because it reminds of when I was younger and saw Elektra for the first time in comics.  I'll tell you about it in a moment.   I did  make a preview video to show what little I recorded of the process! You can view it at the end of the post.   This one went fast, and couldn't wait to finish and see how it turned out myself!  I struggled with the name for a while, trying to figure it out and finally settled on Time Travel Mixtape, because it so accurately described what I imagine traveling in the future to be like, a casual walk through space while listening to your favorite jams!  Much like modern couriers, future couriers need to keep the energy up, and the soundtrack interesting.

It was hard not to play with this one with every color I had, but I had to exercise SOME restraint!  I'll be uploading this to the Celestial Gallery soon and posting in the Store soon after.  I'm still working on a good title for her, and I'll let you know what I come up with!  Meanwhile I played with the image on my iPhone, using the Comic Touch program, look!

Ever since I've become more interested in the sci-fi realm, I've been inspired to create images of minorities in space.  I haven't seen enough, sadly.  I've thought of starting up a Patreon specifically for images of multiculturalism, and diversity.  I know I would've appreciated seeing these things growing up.  I remember the first time I saw Elektra in comics.  She was a raven-haired, ninja dressed Greek woman, who I mistook for hispanic, but I was no less thrilled to see something that I felt represented me! She was gorgeous!  Until that moment I hadn't given the thought to the fact that there were no heroes that looked like me.  I realized how important that moment was to me. 


Ever since then I've followed movements that support diversity and it wasn't until seeing the increase in images, that I saw how large of a gap there is.  We have recently seen negative comments over all black casts on shows like Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix.  We have seen skits played out on Comedy Central's The Daily Show over North Carolina's HB2 Bill wherein a fake food truck discriminates randomly.  For some of its customers, "they were experiencing discrimination for the first time."  They were upset, and decidedly so.  Its truly sad that people can't get on board until it "happens to you."  It is my sincere hope that this all becomes a thing of the past, but until then I look to the future!


To many the future is now, and why not?  Now is all we have.  Why do we wait and do nothing now?  What is holding us back, and for how much longer will we let it continue?



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