Ink Drawing: Witch of the Wood

When my friends first asked if I wanted to play D&D I looked at them crazy and said, "Do I look like THAT much of a nerd?"  I mean sure I liked video games, and fantasy stories, and I was very familiar with how the game worked, but when I thought of the level of geekdom it took to play this game, I was sure it wasn't for me.  How wrong I was.  Later on I discovered just how connected I was.  More about that in a bit.  I chose to play the Druid, because the story was something like this:  Its a cool day in the forest, and the sounds of rustling wind seem to act as the voice of the trees.  After wandering for hours in the deep wood a green witch, also known as a druid, stops for rest on a fallen tree.  She is nature's advocate, and radiates with earth energy.  The animals sense her nature and often are attracted to her aura's light.  Some are her friends that she's spent personal time getting to know.  Druids can also shape-shift and often run with the pack of wolves to howl at the moon, or soar the skies with eagles.  They are solitary but by no means lonely.  They may prefer the company of animals and plants to that of humans (a sentiment I definitely relate to). 

I grew up in the country so all of these are pretty familiar to me.  Living with your neighbor 2 miles away gives you plenty of space to roam!  I walked through fields of growing crops to get to watering holes covered in trees and moss.  I explored patches of trees along the road to see what was hidden in them.  I braved dilapidated houses worn from rain and wind, just to see if there were treasures within.  I'm not sure what I expected to find, but the journey was half the fun! 

Witch of the Wood was inspired by these adventures as well as a few of my favorite fantasy sources, Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, and Lord of the Rings!  I love the classic big mage hats, and giant bows that signal a scholarly-bookworm-library type witch.  One who loves the dust on old books and the smell of damp cellars housing ancient scrolls.  I always assumed if I read enough books, that I'd discover magic eventually.  Everything I read had some fantasy element to it.


Back to D&D, I connected with the Druid immediately, even more so than the Wizard or Sorcerer classes.  The years I spent soaking up nature just trying to occupy myself prepared me for this moment in life where I'd be convinced to give up my free time to a game that lasted hours and hours.  I may not have run around my college campus wearing a cape like some people I know, but I wasn't too far off.  It was the most fun I ever had because I was with people I cared about and who understood me.  And instead of having parties or going to the club, we were out on an adventure that took us out of this world and back into our childhoods.  We were playing pretend, and it was just as much fun now as it was when we were young.  I was proud to call myself a nerd after that.

Also on a related note: Anyone looking to form an adventure party, let me know!

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