Time-Lapse of No. 8 Inktober Drawing

Ok, so I know the picture says No. 7, and thats because I'm playing catch up on my daily drawings and I lost count!  Artists make mistakes! And its ok, they will happen, and you have to roll with it. I did.  Watch me turn that bad ass 7 into an 8. 


No. 8 is a beautiful succubus contemplating her life choices.  Or maybe she's deeply pondering the next evil deed.  I'll let you decide!  Hey I'm just the messenger, not the interpreter.  I'm just the riverbed by which the creative river flows. 

I've been watching a lot of Inktober videos by some of my favorite illustration artists, Jacqueline DeLeon, Aurdra Auclair, and Bao Pahm, on YouTube.  I spend a lot of time there watching funny videos, and art videos.  The learning never stops! Nor does the admiration for that matter.  Anyway, I wanted to create an inktober video for you to see my process in motion.

I got this time-lapse video and you can see me draw this dark beauty in no time!  She was inspired by the gorgeous women of the aforementioned artists.  I may do some more of these videos if you like them.  Let me know in the comments if you want to see more, or if there's a vixen, ghoul, or monster you want to see me do!  Check out the video below.

I used an inexpensive Master's Touch Synthetic Squirrel Round Brush in size 4, and Higgins Black Magic ink.  I usually use Black Star by Dr. Ph. Martins, but I'm running low.   I thought I would make her sad, with a black tear falling down, but maybe on another piece.  I didn't have the heart to break hers.  Haha. I might even go back with white gel ink and give her some detailing on her black top or jewelry.  I haven't decided yet!  But regardless, I'm running late on my entries, so I'm going to keep moving forward till I catch up! 


I talk more about Inktober on my previous post where I posted a video on my earlier entries. You can view Inktober 1-7 here.  I also gave you a glimpse into my childhood trauma, lol.  Truth be told I love telling the stories because now I understand how funny it is.  I mean my sister was nice at times also.  Its not her fault that Child's Play was such a success and that I happen to have the popular My Buddy toy doll I got for Christmas.  I mean my mom told me not to watch the movie, but I was insistent for some reason.  Thinking back I wonder if I thought it would make my toy seem more alive?  But in a good way, not in a murderous way.  I mean I loved Toy Story and The Indian in the Cupboard also, but they made me feel good! 


One time, when she called me from the back of the house to come to my room, she had "my buddy" sitting on a rocking horse I had.  He was just smiling back at me, rocking along slowly.  She had the horse tied to a string while she hid behind the opposite door.  It was super creepy!  But I always fell for it.  And as I grew older, I played pranks of my own.  And yes, I often scared myself first in the process.  But I learned what it was like on the other side!  I mean I still scare myself especially after a good horror movie or episode of Ghost Hunters.  But I'm interested. 

Tell me one of your ghost stories in the comments!  We can inspire and encourage each other.

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