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Dark Mermaid

Sailors who know, when dark water is near, do not hesitate to pay.  She requires a toll, toss her jewels or gold, barter your blood if need be. The lady below cares not about which currency.  Lament the glistening on the waves as it falls like stars into the darkness.  But if you dare cross her blackened sea, without an offering to her majesty, you will suffer the cold and starless.


This sultry queen is encrusted with a glittery display of greed.  She tows a heavy anchor of some lost ship, and it waves around her in anticipation.  Its a warning to those who crossed her.  She is pale and white-haired from her time spent in the deep.  She is lost to every creature and cares only for her treasure.  Dark Mermaid features gold leaf accents on the coins and gold bars that fall around her, as well as the jewelry hanging from her monstrous crown.


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