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So what are you waiting for?! Join with me and get creative!

These are just a few of the pages inside my coloring book.  The illustrations are high resolution and ready to download and color on your computer, or print from home!   Color them any way you want, and you've become a collaborator with me!  


Speaking of which, I'd love to see your results! Send them to me at my email:  jp [at] OR tag them using hashtag #JPAColoringBook on social media.


what people are saying about my art:

"Won't He do it?!  I love this!" 

- Alexis, Dallas TX


"I just got it, and it's beautiful! Thank you so much!"

-LeShae, Senoia GA


"OMG, I got it and it's totally amazing, thank you! Even the envelope was a piece of art!  You're awesome!"

-Heidi,  Garden Grove CA


details about the newsletter

My newsletter has information on my current projects, preview photos, and sometimes my commentary.  I will also update you on any major changes or improvements to my website.  You can find links to my video tutorials, demos, and any exclusive content I may share.  I will send announcements from time to time to let you know that I'm exhibiting at a show or if my work will be there for sale, or both!  As I complete works you will be able to see what I will be posting to my portfolio/blog next, and how much I will be selling the piece for.  In the past I have sent surveys for feedback on my performance and to make sure I'm addressing your needs with the right content.  The coloring book is my first offering as a free gift, but I plan to offer wallpapers, and discount codes throughout the year.   Generally I will send a newsletter between 2 and 3x a month. 


As my website and blog grow, I will be using social media less and I want my subscribers to know that my email list is top priority and the best method for informing them of my work.  I am also changing the way I post content to social media, to reflect that the best view of images will be through my blog and newsletter.


I hope you will join me in creating a more colorful and diverse world!  There are many ways to support what I do.  My newsletter is the easiest, and costs you nothing to join.   In return for allowing me to share my world with you, you will also get my exclusive gifts! 

Thanks for your time and hope to see you!